Agafay Camel Ride with Dinner

Agafay: Camel Ride with Dinner

What's better than a ride on a camel through the Agafay desert, in the most evocative hours of the day? Live an unforgettable experience. The tour starts from a quiet area of ​​the desert, full of dunes that are lost in the horizon.

Departure around 4:00 pm for the desert with your driver and your group. On the journey to the desert, learn how camels have incredibly adapted to the climatic conditions of the desert. During the tour you will be followed by an instructor who will give you advice and help you get on the camel. See the desert from the saddle of these beautiful creatures.

Stop for a break and admire the peace of the sunset in the places where, once, the caravans that crossed the Sahara to reach the Atlantic. At the end of the tour, a traditional candlelit dinner awaits you to enjoy the evening in the silence of the desert. At the end of the evening, some fun with music and dancing around the fire. Return to Marrakech around 11pm

Departure around 16:00 and return to Marrakech around 23:00
Includes private transport by car or minivan with all comforts and air conditioning, private driver of your choice in English, French, Italian, Spanish, camel ride, dinner in the camp (luxury accommodation).
Includes simple round-trip shared transport with other people by minivan, driver, camel ride, dinner (standard accommodation).

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